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Finally decided to get that tattoo you’ve been thinking about? Come visit L’Atelier 171 and let our expert staff guide you through the entire process. We can help you pick out the right design , create custom drawings, suggest proper placement ,  and give you all the products and information needed to heal your new tattoo.  All of our artists are professionally trained and have successfully completed blood borne pathogen courses.


Time for a new piercing or a new jewelry? At L’Atelier 171 we use only high quality body jewelry made of implant grade titanium and 14kt Gold. YOU NEED TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO GET PIERCED to make sure we’re available and to reduce waiting time. You can pass by the studio and be greeted by one of our expert who will be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns and help make the process as easy and pleasant as possible!


L’Atelier 171 is an upscale tattoo studio that has been offering top quality body art and body jewelry in the Laurentians since 2005. Formerly called Studio South Beach, we have the same address located in beautiful Saint Sauveur with a large talented team experimented who can handle all of your tattoo and piercing needs. We also boast a vast selection of high quality body jewelry. We aim to give you the best overall experience , providing a relaxed and professional setting for all services. We use safe and sterile products and methods, focusing on strong customer service. Please take a look at our portfolio’s and see why we are the Laurentian’s number one studio for all those years! 



    Having studied in art before learning to tattoo, Jade is a perfectionist with an eye for detail. She particularly likes working in black and grey, finding her inspiration through realistic and sometimes more graphic subjects.

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      Meticulous and professional, Sophie has been working in the body modification industry for more than 8 years. Since six years, her colourful and bright artwork, inspired by her interests and passions, brings a new approach to Neotraditional tattoos. She likes taking her inspiration from antique objects with a floral and feminine touch. Her studies in photography gives her a good eye for composition on the artwork you want to get from her. Come meet her and discuss your ideas!

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        While having a certain passion for occult, medieval and dark imagery, but also for animals and nature, Jimmy has a very detailed and heavy style of neo traditional blackwork . He almost exclusively works in black and gray, and loves working with heavy contrasts of black and negative spaces. His work escpecially stands out for his precise and detailed way of working with textures. If you’re looking for an artist with a unique and original style who can creat an intense and dynamic design for you, then look no further and book an appointment with him!

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        • Gabriel Giroux (TATTOO)
          Gabriel Giroux (TATTOO)

          Gab is an artist coming from a graffiti and lettering background. His appreciation for clean and bold lines and bright colors gradually lead him toward American traditional style, Neo Traditional and Lettering. His attention to details makes him progress and grow as a better tattoo artist each and every day.

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            Taylor is an apprentice that is passionate about body modification and is hungry to learn more. She is a dynamic person capable of answering your questions. She has not been with us for long but will guide you patiently and put you at ease!

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