It is very important to get tattooed or pierced by a professional for health reasons

Be sure to look at the artists portfolio and ask the right questions before going forward.
-How long has the studio been open?
-How many years experience does the artist have?
-Do you have a good feeling when you walk in?
-Did the employees received proper training on contamination and bloodborn pathogens?
-Does the environment seem clean?
-Does the studio make sure you are in proper state to get tattooed/pierced? (intoxicated, pregnant, medication, etc)
In the past years, there have been quite a few reality shows based tattooing. It is a great thing for us because the industry is gaining in popularity which makes the practice far more accepted in our society. Although you can not expect it to be like on TV when you come see us. Our profession implies a lot of work and research and drawing experience before becoming a tattoo artist. What those TV series show you is a very idealistic vision, A professional studio will refuse to tattoo or pierce you if you are not sober.( alcohol, drugs)
There are many different styles of tattoos, be sur to choose your artist by consequence of their style/portfolio. Take into consideration that certain tattoo artists are very in demand so there is a delay to book an appointment. Stop looking for the cheapest studio, it is way more important to choose an artist based on the quality of their work and their environment instead of making money the priority. This tattoo will be on you body forever, you want to have quality. It is your job to go to an experienced and reputable artist for your health and also encourage those that this industry is so important to. The tattoo that you get cheaper might not meet your expectation and you will end up paying a second time to get it modified by an experienced tattoo artist.
People often to not know the risks tied to getting a bad quality tattoo. The goal here is not to discourage people from getting tattoos, its to have you choose an artist for their talent, professionalism and hygienic expertise. It would be a shame to have large scar or a bad infection because the technic is not adequate. Sadly, there are no regulations in the industry so anyone can decide they are a tattoo artist or a body piercer.
Be careful!